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I Am Under Investigation

I Think I Might Get Arrested, What Do I Do?

It is essential to be able to fight your case before charges are filed. At The Karpel Law Group, we understand the importance of fighting a criminal case before the case ever gets to court. We refer to this as a 'pre-file case.'

This means that you may be under investigation for a crime, but no charges have been filed against you. The police or other law enforcement agency may have already contacted you, your work, your family, or other individuals, and are asking questions. A search warrant may have already been served. Typically, you are under no obligation to talk to anyone or to do anything. (You should always first consult with a lawyer before doing or not doing anything).

When you feel you may be investigated, or you know you are the subject of an investigation, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE ARRESTED OR CHARGES ARE FILED. Fight your case before it becomes a case.

When a case is a pre-file, our goal is to:

  • Research, investigate and advise you regarding the investigation.
  • Contact law enforcement early and intervene.
  • Avoid interviews, polygraphs, line-ups, fingerprint/handwriting analysis, or other investigative tools seeking evidence against you.
  • Put legal pressure on law enforcement to avoid further investigation.
  • Divert allegations and informally resolve the case by alternative means.
  • Attempt to keep criminal charges from being filed.
  • If inevitable, assist client with surrender to avoid arrest. Also, assist client with arranging for bail.

If you have a pending case, or are under investigation and need an experienced criminal attorney, contact us or call us toll free at (888) 758-8186 for more information or to schedule a FREE consultation.

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