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Our lawyers are experienced in every aspect of clearing your criminal record, otherwise known as an expungement. A criminal record can adversely affect your life. It may affect your current or future employment, voting rights, your ability to serve on a jury, professional license status or your ability to obtain most professional licenses, your right to purchase and possess firearms, possible child custody rights, military service, right to hold public office, credibility as a witness in court, college applications and your social status.

Expungement & Eligibility

An Expungement is a legal process of clearing your criminal conviction off your criminal record. In most instances, it clears your record, reestablishes most of your rights, and in the eyes of the law, ensures that any prior conviction is treated as if it never existed.

If eligible, this office can obtain and review your files, evaluate your eligibility and attempt to reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor (if necessary), and then clear your record entirely. All expungements processed through this office, include a criminal record check (when applicable) and advisement of rights, obligations, and the nature and consequences of the expungement.

Please note: There are certain requirements that must be met and not all convictions are eligible for an expungement. Even if an expungement is granted and the record is cleared, there are certain exceptions and legal ramifications. (For example, some state licensing will not recognize an expungement). Some priors may be used in later cases as prior conviction enhancements even if expunged. Some other exceptions apply. Be sure to contact the Karpel Law Group for additional and specific issues that may apply to your case.

How Our Criminal Defense Team Can Help

  • We can assist in attempting the following:
  • Expunge a felony
  • Expunge a misdemeanor
  • Seal a criminal record for arrests
  • Reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor
  • Get a prior strike case dismissed
  • Juvenile records

If you are seeking expungement and you need an experienced criminal lawyer, contact us or call us toll free at (888) 758-8186 for more information or to schedule a FREE consultation.

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